Motorcycle Security System

MSS(Motorcycle Security System) Trait

Patent for developing a motorcycle security system
A motorcycle with a start key can be started without the key, when the engine is short circuited.

This is no exception to the latest models with smartkeys.Recently, motorcycle thefts using the Relay Station Attack (RSA) have occurred frequentlyAn Australian media outlet reported that there were frequent incidents of stealing valuables from inside the vehicle. A German security expert said that RSA devices are easily available over the Internet. In 2011, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology conducted an open experiment to confirm that the ignition was started using RSA method.Motorcycle owners are suffering property damage due to such various thefts.

Anti-theft devices manufactured by various companies are on the market, however these products are also exposed to wiring, so connecting the wiring in series to the starting shaft causes it to ignite, exposing vulnerable security issues.

“Motorcycle Security System” patent
· Patent No. 10-1540279 (Name of invention: motorcycle theft prevention device)
· Patent No. 10-1690503 (Name of invention: motorcycle theft prevention device)
· Trademark Registration Certificate No. 40-1163471 (Products and categories for which the trademark will be used)Class 09 (20 cases, including remote controls for motorcycles)

All motorcycles can be started by supplying electricity through ECU. However, this patented invention does not start even when the relay switch is turned on inside the EDU and the key is operated. This product is a complex security system that can only be started by sending signals to the remote control to activate the relay and then operating the key.

Global technology growth potential of “Motorcycle Security System”
· When “Motorcycle Security System” (MSS + ECU) is released, motorcycles around the world can be improved with MSS-equipped ECU.
· Even the global market for large motorcycles can be taken if ECUs are equipped with “Motorcycle Security System” (MSS + ECU)
· Also the global automotive market that uses ECUs, can be tackled with “MSS”.
· Cars are introducing a number of technologies to prevent theft, including scarlet recognition, fingerprint recognition, and facial recognition.However those technologies are expensive and havehighmaintenance cost. MSS in comparison is inexpensive and easy to maintain.

MSS(Motorcycle Security System) motorcycle installation overview

Types and Disadvantages of Motorcycle Anti-Theft Devices

1. There are 3 types of anti-theft devices for motorcycles.
· Chain Type (a device made of wires)
· Smart key type (system that operates relays with a smart card)
· Two-way alarm type (remote control and vehicle alarm sound when vehicle is moved)
2. Disadvantages of existing motorcycle anti-theft devices
· Chain type is vulnerable to cutting
· The smart key type or two-way alarm type starts when the cowl is removed and wiring is connected.